Alright, first website in quite a number of years.... well I',m hoping to admin this with a friend so that hopefully we can get requests scanned and posted as soon as possible.I will set up an email address for others wanting to post art, models, and textures for OPEN use. Again the word open implying that people can freely use and change/edit your posted work, and possibly reposting it. 

I am not sure quite yet how Weebly works or what the content regulations are, but I would like to remind everyone to remain within the legal bounds of the agreement with the web provider once I do start posting other peoples work (I will be screening everything for a number of things). 

As you might be able to tell I have linked model pictures to the model files. If you want to post a model please provide a render/screenshot of the model and the model file so people can see what you are modeling and click to download it. Also the most universal model format I know of is the STL (so if possible try and use it or an open source file format like a blender file). If you have a game idea, or want help on a project (rendering, animation, etc.) please provide this info in the email, and I will try and repost it.

My goal is to compile a huge number of textures, models, and artwork so that people can be easily inspired to quickly and painlessly create anything. An open library of parts, models, textures, etc.

Thanks, and I hope you can use and enjoy this site.
5/30/2012 02:41:16 am

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    i have been modeling & creating graphics for years, both by myself and with others. I am currently working on producing my first 3D game with a few friends on our off time. My hope is that everyone can use this website 
    someday as a posting board for ideas, graphics, and models.


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